DIGITAL NOMADISM: When Every Day Is Like Climbing A Mountain… 0

Today began as follows:

  • 5:57 AM: Worked on movie script for RV Nomads – The Movie for approximately 45 minutes.
  • 6:00 AM: Worked on dealing with emails related to sales of tickets to NomadFEST 2018
  • 6:30 AM: Re-crafted framework for a custom built affiliate program
  • 7:10 AM: Dealt with emails from a sponsor of the RV Nomads movie
  • 7:55 AM: Began working on multiple emails dealing with permitting, logistics, local regulations, etc related to film production for RV Nomads
  • 8:45 AM: Finished a proposal for facilities needed to post-produce the RV Nomads movie
  • 9:20 AM: Wrote two additional scenes for the RV Nomads movie
  • 10:15 AM: Wrote a proposal for audio engineering and voice over services for the RV Nomads movie
  • 11:30 AM: Reworked company budget and projections to ensure production goals could be met in a timely manner
  • 12:10 PM: Began writing this post
  • 1:30 PM: Conference call scheduled
  • 3:00 PM: Call with cast member of RV Nomads scheduled
  • 4:00 PM: Initiate final stages of moving RV Nomads website to the ENTV platform

The above represents about 5% of the tasks piled up before me. Every day I hope to work my way through 5% of the pile, and every day 5% gets added. It’s a seemingly never ending loop. A monumental set of tasks and responsibilities that simply cannot be ignored.

If I don’t tackle as much of this as possible each and every day, none of it gets done. And keep in mind these are the parts of our projects assigned to me. They do not include all the moving parts and pieces that others are working on at any given moment.

This is part of what it takes to be a disruptor. And quite honestly I find the vast majority of it is mental. There is a switch somewhere up there that has to be flipped every single morning. And more mornings than not that switch doesn’t easily flip.

I might have a headache. I might be a little tired from the day before. I might be stressed out over drama happening somewhere. I might feel pressure from invoices stacking up. I might have 30 people waiting for answers from me. All of which are variables that make the act of flipping the switch on, sitting down with a cup of coffee and diving in very challenging.

For me it’s like climbing a mountain. Before the climb begins you look up and realize… this is gonna be hard. You don’t see large crowds around you. You aren’t joined by hundreds of others. This because… well because it is freaking hard!

And if you’ve climbed a mountain before you know what to expect. You’re going to have thrilling positive moments that you’ll love and enjoy, but you’ll also have excruciating moments of pain, misery and regret.

The reality is both have to be embraced. Both have to be accepted as a part of the journey. Both have to be tackled and conquered. For without the grit and fortitude you’ll never reach the top. When the top is reached, however, you take a deep breathe, filling your lungs with fresh air and you’ll have a view unlike any other. The payoff, the reward if you will, is often times extraordinary. As it should be for the defeat of such extraordinary challenges.

I talk to many digital nomads and find that for most they are entirely competent and capable of climbing huge mountains on their path of entrepreneurship. Yet some end up waving the white flag because they aren’t mentally geared for the hurdles unexpectedly found along the trail up.

For me the only way to get through it is to determine that I’m going to get through it upon the very first step taken. If I look at the climb ahead and say to myself “I hope it’s not too steep, I hope it’s not too rocky and I hope I don’t get tired” then I’m toast before I even begin. Because by having that discussion internally I’m already setting the stage for failure. I’m already anticipating the obstacles that I’m not fully mentally prepared for.

That, my friends, is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not getting the job done. Fear of quitting.

If that fear is there then the switch wasn’t properly flipped.

I would challenge you to not look at the mountain and dread certain parts of the climb. Look at the mountain and realize there is only one way up and you’re going to take it, no matter what. You’re going to reach the top.

Don’t just try to get to the top. Get to the top. Make that determination as the first step is taken. Or don’t try to climb at all.

I can tell you this. If I begin a day of tackling my workload with a frame of mind telling me I might not have a successful day or I might get frustrated, stressed and take a mulligan, then a mulligan is going to happen. But if I know what I need to do, I set my mind to do it no matter what and I have that expectation throughout the entire process… I can accomplish a LOT in a single day.

Not everything I want and need to accomplish, of course. But certainly enough to where at night I can reflect on the day and think to myself “holy crap that was an incredibly productive day.”

Flip the switch and get to the peak. You know you can. Now just know you will.

-Eric Odom

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Eric Odom is Director of Programming for EPIC Nomad TV. A roamer since 9 months before he was born, Eric has circled the globe many times over and now lives as a full time digital nomad. Passionate about web architecture, thrives in visual media creation and loves the thrill of digital communications. Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and Cubs.