Honey Wagon Pro Tips for RVing (VIDEO) 0

Our first time hearing about a honey wagon for an RV was in Peace River, FL.  We checked into a campground about 6 months into our RV living and they offered a free honey wagon service if we chose a site without a sewer.  I had no clue what a honey wagon was. Yes, I was that guest that asked and got the funny stare!

This was also the time we learned that we had to let them know that we had two black tanks. They only emptied the back tank and not the overflowing front black tank. We have not made this mistake again.

Since our boondocking crash course this past summer with the cast and crew of the RV Nomads Movie, we learned even more about honey wagons and blue boys. We have learned how interesting it is to be so up close and personal with your sewer!

Our friend Robert from Exploring The Local Life did a great video with tips on filling and emptying an external waste tank. This is a great watch if you want to feel better prepared for boondocking or RVing without a sewer connection.


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