How To Fill Water In an RV While Boondocking (VIDEO) 0

Boondocking (Dry camping) is full of all sorts of lessons.  A big no-no when boondocking is long showers (unless you want to run out of water quickly). When we first started boondocking we could barely go 3 days without running out of water.

We quickly learned some tricks such as turning off the water pump so our 2-year-old at the time wouldn’t wash her hands for hours.  We also filled gallon water jugs and used those for flushing the toilets and washing the dishes.  It was quite a learning curve because dry camping is a whole other world.  We didn’t even know filling up our fresh water tank was an option while boondocking until this past summer.  The cast and crew from the RV Nomads movie definitely taught us a whole lot!

We at 1st Class RV Adventures did a quick live video the first time we ever filled our fresh water tanks while we were boondocking in the video below:

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