RV LIFE: Making Friends On The Road (VIDEO) 0

Traveling has been an incredible experience, but for us the first two years were a bit lonely. After finally meeting fellow RVers in person this past summer we learned all about community. Community that has, in a profound way, changed our lives for the better.

The RV community is full of incredible people ready to help and offer a hand if you need one.  Finding friends in the RV world is not too hard if you are looking for friends. We have made a few friends in campgrounds but they have not been full timers so it was a little difficult to find areas of common interest.  Thanks to our most recent experience being part of the RV Nomads movie we really learned about community on the road.  I am super thankful for this because like I said earlier, I did not know it was even a thing.

Our friends over at RV Love share a little more about finding friends on the road in the video below:

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