RV Remodel: RV Interior Painting Over Wallpaper (VIDEO) 0

We have been considering painting over our wallpaper in the RV because, quite frankly, the brown on top of brown is driving me crazy!  It’s still up in the air if we are going to paint or apply a lighter modern wallpaper instead.  I have been looking at how to paint in case we decide to go the paint route.

Painting over wallpaper is not the same as painting over drywall. It’s important to choose paint that will not peel off. Doing research first will come in handy if you decide to paint your RV wallpaper too.  I personally love the all white look but with little ones I debate this idea because they are not always very careful. I am still undecided but I feel confident in what pain to choose thanks to my friends Lisa and Julie.

Julie from Chickery’s Travels did a video sharing her RV painting experience below:

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