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Those running their own blogs on the EpicNomad.Life platform will find ample opportunities to generate revenue online via our blog network. All network blogs/websites have a custom landing page, a custom category archive page and custom single post pages. These pages all have some EpicNomad.Life headers and footers, but a lot of the content areas can be customized for your own ability to use the platform to make money online.

First, it’s important to note there are limitations on what kind of ads you can run. Obviously we don’t want any gambling or adult related ads. We also don’t want anything spammy (no questionable downloads, software, etc). But the not so obvious types of ads excluded from the network have more to do with those networks and their user agreements/policies.

For example, you can’t run Google ads on your blog here because Google might ban the domain since there would be multiple user Adsense IDs running on the site at any given time. Google frowns upon this. As do other networks such as Media.Net, Taboola, etc.

What you can do, however, is the following:

  • Advertise your own products and services
  • Advertise your own affiliate links/programs (Clickbank, Amazon, etc)
  • Advertise your own social profiles, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Advertise your own email list to help build subscribers

Additionally, content creators seeing more than 10,000 pageviews in a month can apply to join our own custom built ad network. This would put the ad management in our hands, removing it from your plate and you would receive payment based on the revenue your content generates.


You can run ads on your landing page, within your post content, in your sidebar and on your content archive page.

Here are some examples:

Landing page: 320×300 banner ad

Blog Sidebar: 320Wx300H or 300Wx600H

You can also place banner or text ads directly into your post content. Like this one:

As mentioned above, you can advertise your products, services, email lists, social channels or affiliate marketing links.

You create the content, we’ll help send you readers, you make some money! Pretty sweet partnership, we think. 🙂

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