Moving My Website to EpicNomad.Life! 0

It’s been in the works for months. And it’s finally here.

Indeed, EpicNomad.Life is now a blog hosting network. This is a breath of fresh air for me. I love to write. I love creating content. What I don’t like is trying to maintain my own blog and build traffic for it as a stand alone website. It takes a TON of work and being a part of a network is so much more attractive.

Click here to check out my new landing page on EpicNomad.Life. I have some changes I want to make and still need to bring more content over from my main website, but I feel this is a great start and I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging without feeling alone out there with my content.

Now that I’m getting all set up here I’m going to start blogging regularly on two blogs here at ENL. My own, of course, and the Digital Nomad blog. I’ll be covering a wide range of topics surrounding digital nomadism, RV Nomadism, content creation, boondocking, life in general and anything else that comes to mind.

If you want to follow along you can click here to join my mailing list. I won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of email. I’ll just send you occasional updates to help you track what I’m up to here at EpicNomad.Life.

Stay tuned!

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Eric Odom is Director of Programming for EPIC Nomad TV. A roamer since 9 months before he was born, Eric has circled the globe many times over and now lives as a full time digital nomad. Passionate about web architecture, thrives in visual media creation and loves the thrill of digital communications. Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and Cubs.