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HaRVey and Trailhawk, all new and ready to go!

Small and simple doesn’t just happen. It’s an evolution. It’s been 4 1/2 years since Karen and I sold our “sticks and bricks” house. Before that we had been talking tiny house for a few years. Four bedrooms was pretty senseless for 2 people. We only lived in a third of it. I got tired of fixing things I didn’t really have much use for.

We progressed from there to a studio apartment in Queens. Okay, that’s smaller but we still had things in storage. But what did we really need?  All that? Loved NYC but seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time changed lots of things. Moving to New York took a big rental truck. Going across country, we couldn’t take all that with us. Bought a car and a 6 x 12 cargo trailer. If it wouldn’t fit, it stayed. Late spring almost 2 years ago we landed in Flagstaff and found an apartment. 

Transitions in several ways

Moving yourself across the country will really make you think about what’s important, what you really want to keep. So with the apartment I have to confess we did some backsliding. Table, couch, bed frame, okay well, in an apartment you need that. Liked the hiking, the beautiful landscapes, the moderate climate. Less expensive then the previous iterations, that’s something I liked. No yard work, loved that a lot. Being a retired artist, I had taught myself a new medium, watercolor. Also being a retired artist, acquiring lots of art stuff is too easy. I would learn something about that in the near future. 

Then the apartment complex changed hands. The new owners started using words like “luxury”and “stainless steel” and “upgrade”. Honestly, the only thing that increased was the rent. Time for another change.


Our discussions about tiny houses became more intense and important. We considered converting our cargo trailer into a living space. A plan was coming together. And another round of downsizing loomed. Same question as before: what do we really need in order to get by? Hello Craig’s List!

I kid you not, one week into the trailer conversion, I was starting to do the layout for the trailer floor plan when I happened by Camping World and saw a deeply discounted travel trailer left over from the year before. For about the same amount of expense we could have an actual living space and leapfrog several months of work. Also, something I could stand up in. Still we’re talking only 16 feet of living space. 

And so begins our Small and Simple RV Life!

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