RV Nomads Fulfilling Crowdfunding Campaign from BLM Land! 0

Hundreds of shirts, posters, books, flags and more were ordered as part of the wildly successful RV Nomads crowdfunding campaign. And as we said back when we were in production for the movie… we’re all RV Nomads. This includes those in front of and behind the cameras.

There are no big corporate offices. There is no call center for customer support. It’s a group of RVers working hard every day to elevate the story of the nomadic RV movement.

Which can make fulfillment quite a challenge. There is getting all the products shipped to us when we’re constantly on the move. There are, as all RVers will relate to, weight issues with hauling boxes of books, shirts, poster and more in RVs that have weight capacity restraints.

And then there is the fact that, like many of you, we typically live/camp in public lands. It’s a challenge, no doubt. But one that with teamwork and dedication can be accomplished.

Such is the case today as GEOAstroRV.com and Pullen On The Road tackled the challenge head on. Tables were brought out, boxes were opened up, shipping packages were packed, posters were rolled and books were signed… all in the middle of no where near Quartzsite, Arizona.

We’re so proud and humbled to be able to live the very story we project through our content. We live it when we respond to your emails, we live it when we handle things like crowdfunding campaigns, we live it while producing content and we live it when we work towards our core mission of elevating the story.

Those who supported the crowdfunding campaign can rest easy knowing your gear is on the way! And to bring it all down to an authentic reality… know it was packed and shipped from an EPIC boon docking spot in southwest Arizona.

Yes, it was a little frustrating being a bit behind on it all, but we’re pretty stoked to have been able to do it this way. The way we really live as RV Nomads.

Thank you for the support and know it’s on the way!

-The ENTV/RV Nomads Team

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