EPIC Nomad TV & RV Nomads Raise $10,000+ for Christmas Day RV Fire Victims in Just 15 Hours 0

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(QUARTZSITE, AZ)EPIC Nomad TV & RV Nomads, the community driven brands behind the 10,000 member strong My.EpicNomad.Life social platform and the RV Nomads movie, organized a crowdfunding campaign for fellow RVers who lost their home in a Christmas Day fire. The GoFundMe campaign had a goal of $10,000 and thanks to hundreds of RVers working together for a good cause the goal was smashed in just 15 hours.

ENTV team members were boondocking at Saddle Mt just west of Phoenix on Christmas Day when one of the RVers noticed a smoke plume begin to rise just a couple hundred yards away. It was immediately clear an RV was on fire. Just three minutes later, as the RV Nomads arrived on site, the Class A motorhome had already burnt down to its frame.

We were shellshocked to see a home completely destroyed in such a short amount of time,” said Tony Flammia, Director for the RV Nomads Co-Lab Content Creator Alliance and blogger at ‘Hippie & The Tech.’ “It was a devastating scene, and it all became even more profoundly hard to fathom when we learned the fire started over an accident in the kitchen while Christmas Day dinner was being prepared.”

The victims, RV bloggers Michael and Rebecca Reeves from Alaska, had recently purchased their RV and began their full time RV journey. They did not have a tow vehicle and did not have time to grab valuables, documents, credit cards, identification or anything else that might be needed to carry on following such a tragedy. Everything was lost in just minutes, and it all happened right in front of the ENTV crew.

For a moment we felt completely helpless,” said Eric Odom, ENTV’s President of Programming. “But after the initial shock everyone sprung into action. We knew they were lost with no direction to point in and we firmly believed the RV community would step up to help them out. Not only did that happen, it happened so quickly we had a difficult time keeping up with it.

RV Nomads who were on location helped get the Reeves checked into a hotel after a hospital visit to clear Rebecca, who has MS and inhaled an enormous amount of smoke. Clothes, toiletries, dog supplies and more were donated on the spot. This was just the beginning.

The day after Christmas some social media posts were made and RVers camped around the Phoenix area began to arrive with donations, offers of transportation, moral support and love. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help with the financial strain and less than 15 hours later the goal had been surpassed.

This is a powerful example of what the RV community is all about,” said Gary Quimby of ENTV and ‘Pau Hana Travels.’ “When we RVers work together for a common cause we can move mountains. We can do good in our world and we can change lives. Christmas is a time of giving, community and family. The RV community is a family and we’re all proud to be a part of it. It’s a family that includes our new friends Michael and Rebecca Reeves.”

ENTV would like to thank the hundreds of RVers who joined the effort to assist the Reeves in this time of need. Without this collaborative movement much of this would not have been possible.

The Reeves can be reached directly through their Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/MikeandBecca/. They have made it clear to ENTV’s team they intend to rebuild and continue their dream of full time RV living. While this has certainly created a massive and complicated hurdle for them in their journey, they are moved by the support, love the lifestyle and will soon get back on their feet.

All thanks to the RV community.


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