The Xscapers 2019 Annual Bash in Review

The Escapees/Xscapers 2019 Annual Bash is underway here in Lake Havasu and to say we’re wildly impressed would be an understatement. What the Escapees RV Club has done with Xscapers is nothing short of incredible. And seeing the explosive growth of the Annual Bash from 2018 to 2019 has us wondering just how big this event can really get!

Before we get to this year’s event, let’s take a short hike back in time to give some history on it all. As much as we know anyway.

Xscapers was founded as a part of the Escapees RV Club a few years back to give digital nomads a more direct relationship to the broader RV community. It’s not necessarily geared towards younger RVers so much as it’s geared towards those who actively work while living a life on the road. Of course, being that its made up of mostly working age nomads it does tend to trend a bit younger, but attending an Xscapers event will quickly reveal it’s becoming a comfy home to a wide range of nomads from all walks of life and all age ranges.

This is the fourth annual bash, we believe. The first one had just a hand full of RVs. The second one was much bigger. Last year (2018) saw the number of RVs climb into the hundreds and 2019 is a a significant increase that shows the sky is the limit on where this all goes moving forward.

You see, in 2018 the bash was held in Quartzsite on BLM land. It was big. Very big. And at the size it had grown to a point in which managing everything became a challenge. Being BLM land the organizers can’t put up structures or tents. Making the idea of organized events and meetings a challenge. Especially with the number of RVs that were clearly going to be attending the event from that point forward.

So in 2019 the event was moved to Lake Havasu and hosted in a more controlled environment. It’s at the Lake Havasu City Rodeo Grounds, a sprawling piece of land with buildings, stands, coordinated sections of dirt lot and bathroom/shower facilities. Not only is it a great place for an event such as this, it shows that event organizers are going to have a big challenge on their hands in the many annual bash events ahead.

Why? Because the event is already outgrowing this location and it’s only been here once. In fact, according to Xscapers staff tickets to this event sold out. Meaning, they may have been able to DOUBLE the 500+ RVers here. Or even triple! Who knows because they sold out!

Amazing to say the least. Now let’s review each component.


Anyone who works on large RV events know the key is a good parking experience. Xscapers have proven to be masters at this. When you have hundreds of RVs piling into one entrance point in a single day there is no room for error. Any bottle necks or wrong moves can create chaos. Chaos that sets the tone of the entire event.

This was possibly the smoothest opening day we’ve ever seen. Ever!

RVs didn’t back up in huge lines. The gate staff were friendly (even fun as they were all dressed like Elvis!) and welcoming. The entire RV parking process was about as quick and painless as one could hope for. Very, very impressive.

And in terms of the parking layout it’s very clear Xscapers listened to feedback in previous years and made plans based on making it all even better. There is an area for the partiers, keeping the late night noise contained to a section anyone who wants sleep can avoid. And giving those who want to “bash” a place to do it without concern of what others think of it all while trying to work.

There is a generator area and a generator friendly family area that keeps all the RVs without solar in a section where the noise doesn’t bother those who don’t need to run generators all day. And there is a big solar area for those seeking a more quiet experience without being too far from all the action.

This is genius. Very well thought out and perfectly executed.

5 out of 5 on the parking.


Last year was pretty impressive. There were plenty of panels to learn from and events to participate in. But this year is a whole different animal. There are bounce houses, live music on a nearly daily basis, unique potlucks/food gatherings, panels, demonstrations, kick ball and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone. And everything is spaced out so as not to feel extremely overwhelming. There are family oriented events, solo events and events for all of the above.

And because it’s all hosted in a more controlled environment, the events happen in a much more comfortable atmosphere. With a more coherent central gathering point.

5 out of 5 on events and schedule.


This is a world class event. And that’s one of the most fascinating parts of it all. Last year it was out in BLM land so in a lot of ways it just felt like hundreds of us were boondocking together at the same time. This year’s event feels more like a carefully planned and managed event. And you feel like you’re at something with intent and purpose.

The branding is fantastic. There are themed nights (Kick off night was 80s night) and a lot of attendees are going full throttle to make it all a blast.

If you’re here you know why you’re here and you know why everyone else is here. There aren’t random RVs just happening into the area. There are no strangers. It’s all Xscapers and we all know it. So it has a very tight Xscapers community vibe and that vibe is strong everywhere you go.

5 out of 5 on style and theme.


Our team at ENTV/RV Nomads has always viewed Escapees RV Club as THE club to join if you were to pick just one. Escapees has something for everyone. From mail services to RV parks, they’ve got it all. And now that Xscapers itself is pulling off major events like this we anticipate even more massive growth moving forward.

If you aren’t yet an Escapees/Xscapers member, we highly recommend you consider joining. And if you haven’t yet experienced the Annual Bash, mark your calendar to be in Arizona in January of 2020 and don’t miss this event. It is, hands down, the coolest event of its kind in the movement. There is nothing else like it and you need to be a part of it.

Bravo to the Xscapers team! Very well done. Those of us on the outside looking in are impressed on a level that words just can’t describe.


PRODUCER’S NOTES: Let’s Talk About the Apocalypse Looking Scene in the RV Nomads Movie

Last September (2018) our team hunkered down in Spokane, WA to finish writing out the story framework for what would, a month later, become the RV Nomads movie. This was a wonderful time of creative freedom because we had terabytes of fantastic footage and a blank slate on the storyline. We knew the core components of the story (And Tom Morton from Mortons On The Move did an amazing job at capturing it all as he Directed the movie) but still had to write the narration and fill the holes with supporting narratives.

Writing a 3 – 10 minute video storyboard is one thing. But writing one for an 82 minute run time is a completely different animal. Especially when it has to include 12 sub-stories (those of our cast/subjects). There has to be purpose, conflicts and resolution, emotion, truth and yes… we had to push the limits to tell the story in a compelling and intriguing way.

I mean, let’s be honest here, writing a full movie about RV living is a challenge. If not done correctly it could be very boring. But if we pushed too far it wouldn’t be realistic. So finding a middle ground in which we had emotion, conflicts and resolution and yes… a touch of the current issues of our time, without going too far in one direction or the other was incredibly difficult.

In fact, one segment in particular was debated for about two weeks. It’s a segment that, I kid you not, is brought up at every camp fire and every conversation with someone who has seen the movie. The vast majority got it right away. 9 out of 10 viewers loved it and connected with it. For that 10% it takes a few minutes of talk to explain it in full, so I decided to post this walk-through explaining the mindset behind it all.

First, let’s take a look at the segment. And please note it can be challenging to see it in context if you have not yet watched the entire movie.

While the piece is very serious, it was actually rather exciting to put it all together. It’s the only part of the movie that it could be argued got borderline political, but it can also be argued that it did so in an apolitical manner. Meaning, in this segment there are no political sides chosen. Nor are there any political sides described. It’s a blanketed, generalization that would be next to impossible to argue is not a reality we all face in our current society.

Turn any news network or program on and try to get through it for half an hour. It doesn’t matter which program and it doesn’t matter how you vote. The narratives coming through are all the same. We’re a divided people, our nation (USA) has significant issues to work through, our economy is in many ways built upon a house of cards, our election system is in turmoil and there is hatred flowing from all sides of the debate.

Now while some of the above is true, some of it is baked into our minds through this kind of constant messaging and is not based on reality. Do we all hate each other? Are we all angry at each other? Is it impossible for us to work together as individuals for the common good?

I don’t know about you, but in the circles I camp with there is no hatred. There may be a disagreement or two over certain issues, but no RVer is turning against another because of how they vote. No RVer refuses to assist another RVer because of how they vote. What kind of nonsense would that be?

Yet if you live in a major city or urban area this is what you’re taught to believe. This is what you see day in and day out. You’re surrounded by hatred, divisions and labels. None of which are an accurate depiction of who you are and what you believe.

It’s a nasty matrix. And we internally called that segment the matrix because it fits by definition. In fact, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary matrix means “something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.”

In these cities, and I say this as a former Chicagoan who lived right smack in the center of Chicago, our hearts and minds are being shaped by false narratives. If you disagree with someone, they might hate you. And since this is the case, you should perhaps not like them in return.

How on earth are we supposed to make progress as a culture and society if this is what we’re led to believe?

To make matters worse, the media has for decades now followed the script that “if it bleeds it leads.” So the local and national news we’re all being fed is in most cases true, but we’re only seeing the blood. We aren’t seeing the good. We aren’t seeing what can happen when we set disagreements aside and work as one. We’re just being told we’re all divided, there is hate all around us and in the end, for many people, this causes a complete and total loss of hope.

Without hope. Without a vision of better times, positivity and a bright future… the matrix is leading many to believe all hope is lost. And when a society begins to embrace this, terrible things can happen.

That’s not to suggest terrible things will happen, but they certainly can. Everyone knows this. Add to that the reality that natural disasters can happen too, and when cities are filled with people who can no longer live independently… the outcome of such scenarios have can have a profoundly negative impact on literally everyone.

You see, this movie was designed for RVers, no doubt. But it was also designed for those who have not yet heard about this lifestyle. Those who aren’t aware of it. Those still sitting in the matrix wondering if this is all there is to life, if perhaps there is a different way to live, a different way to explore, a different way to be… they need to see examples of how others have broken free from that grind. From that mindset. From that constant barrage of negativity.

It’s definitely true that all RV Nomads transition to this lifestyle for different reasons and with different goals in mind. But it’s also true that in the nearly 50 hours of interviews we conducted for the movie, there was a common theme that couldn’t be ignored.

Something is amiss.

For some it might have been consumerism had, well, consumed them. For some it was a desire to travel and see more over anything else. For some they had a difficult time grinding from paycheck to paycheck in the city life, and for some they just wanted to get away from it all. But for ALL of them something was amiss. Something wasn’t comfortable. Something wasn’t right.

And they wanted to dramatically change direction before it was too late. RV life for these now nomads was the change they so desired. Because of that change, they can now reflect back and see all the potential pitfalls, and they can do so knowing they are relatively free from it all.

Free, independent and able to chart their own course no matter what.

That is, without question, the true implied meaning behind the segment. And, I believe, this is how it is taken by most viewers. Some didn’t quite catch it that way and hopefully this helps makes sense.

-Eric Odom

EPIC Nomad TV & RV Nomads Raise $10,000+ for Christmas Day RV Fire Victims in Just 15 Hours


(QUARTZSITE, AZ)EPIC Nomad TV & RV Nomads, the community driven brands behind the 10,000 member strong My.EpicNomad.Life social platform and the RV Nomads movie, organized a crowdfunding campaign for fellow RVers who lost their home in a Christmas Day fire. The GoFundMe campaign had a goal of $10,000 and thanks to hundreds of RVers working together for a good cause the goal was smashed in just 15 hours.

ENTV team members were boondocking at Saddle Mt just west of Phoenix on Christmas Day when one of the RVers noticed a smoke plume begin to rise just a couple hundred yards away. It was immediately clear an RV was on fire. Just three minutes later, as the RV Nomads arrived on site, the Class A motorhome had already burnt down to its frame.

We were shellshocked to see a home completely destroyed in such a short amount of time,” said Tony Flammia, Director for the RV Nomads Co-Lab Content Creator Alliance and blogger at ‘Hippie & The Tech.’ “It was a devastating scene, and it all became even more profoundly hard to fathom when we learned the fire started over an accident in the kitchen while Christmas Day dinner was being prepared.”

The victims, RV bloggers Michael and Rebecca Reeves from Alaska, had recently purchased their RV and began their full time RV journey. They did not have a tow vehicle and did not have time to grab valuables, documents, credit cards, identification or anything else that might be needed to carry on following such a tragedy. Everything was lost in just minutes, and it all happened right in front of the ENTV crew.

For a moment we felt completely helpless,” said Eric Odom, ENTV’s President of Programming. “But after the initial shock everyone sprung into action. We knew they were lost with no direction to point in and we firmly believed the RV community would step up to help them out. Not only did that happen, it happened so quickly we had a difficult time keeping up with it.

RV Nomads who were on location helped get the Reeves checked into a hotel after a hospital visit to clear Rebecca, who has MS and inhaled an enormous amount of smoke. Clothes, toiletries, dog supplies and more were donated on the spot. This was just the beginning.

The day after Christmas some social media posts were made and RVers camped around the Phoenix area began to arrive with donations, offers of transportation, moral support and love. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help with the financial strain and less than 15 hours later the goal had been surpassed.

This is a powerful example of what the RV community is all about,” said Gary Quimby of ENTV and ‘Pau Hana Travels.’ “When we RVers work together for a common cause we can move mountains. We can do good in our world and we can change lives. Christmas is a time of giving, community and family. The RV community is a family and we’re all proud to be a part of it. It’s a family that includes our new friends Michael and Rebecca Reeves.”

ENTV would like to thank the hundreds of RVers who joined the effort to assist the Reeves in this time of need. Without this collaborative movement much of this would not have been possible.

The Reeves can be reached directly through their Facebook page located at They have made it clear to ENTV’s team they intend to rebuild and continue their dream of full time RV living. While this has certainly created a massive and complicated hurdle for them in their journey, they are moved by the support, love the lifestyle and will soon get back on their feet.

All thanks to the RV community.


RV Nomads Fulfilling Crowdfunding Campaign from BLM Land!

Hundreds of shirts, posters, books, flags and more were ordered as part of the wildly successful RV Nomads crowdfunding campaign. And as we said back when we were in production for the movie… we’re all RV Nomads. This includes those in front of and behind the cameras.

There are no big corporate offices. There is no call center for customer support. It’s a group of RVers working hard every day to elevate the story of the nomadic RV movement.

Which can make fulfillment quite a challenge. There is getting all the products shipped to us when we’re constantly on the move. There are, as all RVers will relate to, weight issues with hauling boxes of books, shirts, poster and more in RVs that have weight capacity restraints.

And then there is the fact that, like many of you, we typically live/camp in public lands. It’s a challenge, no doubt. But one that with teamwork and dedication can be accomplished.

Such is the case today as and Pullen On The Road tackled the challenge head on. Tables were brought out, boxes were opened up, shipping packages were packed, posters were rolled and books were signed… all in the middle of no where near Quartzsite, Arizona.

We’re so proud and humbled to be able to live the very story we project through our content. We live it when we respond to your emails, we live it when we handle things like crowdfunding campaigns, we live it while producing content and we live it when we work towards our core mission of elevating the story.

Those who supported the crowdfunding campaign can rest easy knowing your gear is on the way! And to bring it all down to an authentic reality… know it was packed and shipped from an EPIC boon docking spot in southwest Arizona.

Yes, it was a little frustrating being a bit behind on it all, but we’re pretty stoked to have been able to do it this way. The way we really live as RV Nomads.

Thank you for the support and know it’s on the way!

-The ENTV/RV Nomads Team

ENTV Partners with ‘Cultivated Journey’ for a Ten Episode RV Cooking Show & RV Nomads Cookbook


(QUARTZSITE, AZ) – Today EPIC Nomad TV announced a new content development partnership with popular RV Nomads and food bloggers journaling their adventure through their website Cultivated JourneyMelissa Bottorff-Arey, former Executive Chef turned traveling food blogger and full time RV Nomad, will host a cooking show on ENTV’s distribution network in 2019. Melissa will also author the Ultimate RV Nomads Cookbook with a targeted release date of October 1st, 2019.

Before becoming a traveling food blogger, Melissa was an Executive Chef for a private fleet of trains owned and operated by the BNSF railroad. Her time working with BNSF gave her ample experience with small kitchens. Experience that now translates to the small spaces that come with RV life.

Melissa helps walk us through the ins-and-outs of cooking wholesome meals in an RV kitchen, and she takes it a step further by educating on sourcing healthy foods in ways to compliment the RV life. This content will come loaded with a wealth of information that is certain to provide value to the RV community in a number of ways.

Her passion for good food can easily be seen on her official Instagram feed. Here are a few examples.


View this post on Instagram


Dinner tonight ….Shrimp scampi, grilled shrimp & coconut shrimp with a spiced sweet potato, asparagus & sweet onion hushpuppies (not pictured) The shrimp were caught locally & bought from a small market … you know the kind with hand painted signs advertising “local shrimp, cheeses, sauage & live bait, etc” There was a gleaming stainless fish cleaning table out front. The shrimp were in big coolers marked with hand written tags. There wasn’t a hint of “fish” smell. Everything was so clean & the shrimp smelled only of sea water! The market owners were SO nice & hospitable! The sweet potatoes were local as well (in my research, I found out that tobacco sweet potatoes and peanuts are the top crops in North Carolina). The butter & potato seasoning were from an Amish farm in Ohio 2 weeks ago. Just YUMMM 🍤🍽 #eatlocal #eatlikeafarmer #travelchef #rvliving #obxlife

A post shared by Cultivated Journey (@cultivatedjourney) on

A passion for cooking with good, real, healthful food from local farms & markets all over the country means there are always a new discoveries just waiting to be found,” said Melissa. ENTV is excited to embark on some of these discoveries with Melissa and share them with the rest of the movement through visual media content.

For more information about ENTV visit


Diary of a Family Does Coconut Curry Chicken in an Instapot! (VIDEO)

We love, LOVE to see new and creative ways to make videos journaling the #RVNomads lifestyle. And, of course, a big part of the mission here is to help share them when we see them.

One such instance is a new video put out by Garrett Syfrett (Diary Of a Family) via their YouTube channel. The video shows their method of cooking a coconut curry chicken recipe in an instapot.

But they didn’t just do it in a traditional way. They got creative and found a way to include the entire family.

Enough of the guessing game… let’s watch!

Less Junk < More Journey Finishes Production on Season 1 ENTV Show


Less Junk < More Journey Finishes Production on Season 1 ENTV Show

Post Production Begins for the Epic Ten Episode Season

(QUARTZSITE, AZ) – EPIC Nomad TV today announced all footage for the upcoming episodic program titled Less Junk < Even More Journey is in the can and ready for post production. Once complete, viewers can expect to be taken on an incredible journey through Alaska as it is seen from the perspective of Nathan and Marissa Moss of YouTube fame Less Junk < More Journey.

We’ve started going through the footage, and watching the story unfold in beautiful 4K resolution is nothing short of awe inspiring,” said Eric Odom, President of Programming for EPIC Nomad TV. “Seeing Alaska through Nathan and Marissa’s experiences while there is extremely entertaining. It will make you want to drop everything and head to Alaska tomorrow. We can’t wait to share this story with everyone!

RVing in Alaska is becoming increasingly more popular. As more content creators begin exploring Alaska in their RVs, more information gets out there that helps RV nomads know how to do it right. Armed with this knowledge more and more RVers are making plans to head that direction.

ENTV’s own Gary and Stacey Quimby of Pau Hana Travels have spent enormous time documenting their adventures in Alaska, for example, and host live videos on their Alaska Facebook group of 2,000+ members designed to help RVers become familiar with the journey. Gary and Stacey say they are seeing surges in interest on RVing to Alaska.

Less Junk < Even More Journey, a ten episode show airing exclusively on the Epic Nomad Life platform, builds on this energy and brings it all to life in a visually stunning format. It proves that even families can explore Alaska in an RV, and does so in a compelling way.

Nathan and Marissa Moss are arguably some of the most influential and successful YouTubers in the RV nomad movement. Their YouTube channel has surpassed the 100,000 subscriber mark and their videos generally see no less than 50,000 views each.

Season 1 of their show on ENTV’s Epic Nomad Life platform will make its debut in spring of 2019.

For more information visit


ENTV Announces EPIC Roll Out of RV Nomads Co-Lab & New Content Creator Alliance Leadership


ENTV Announces EPIC Roll Out of RV Nomads Co-Lab & New Content Creator Alliance Leadership

Tony Flammia Of Hippie & The Tech To Lead New Creator Alliance

(QUARTZSITE, AZ) – Today Epic Nomad TV announced the roll out of its long awaited RV Nomads Co-Lab project, a massive network of nomadic content creators that has been in beta phase while being developed since early 2018. The network, located at, will begin serving as the collaboration hub for EPIC Nomad TV and its content platform at EpicNomad.Life.

The new alliance will be led by content creator Tony Flammia of Tony and Melissa Flammia in many ways represent a new era of content creators in the nomadic movement. Their content brings about a new style of family oriented storytelling through their blog, YouTube channel and Facebook group.

Content creation and those creating it are really at the heart of everything we do at EPIC Nomad TV,” said Eric Odom, President of Programming for ENTV. “Tony brings incredible organizational talent to the Co-Lab network. He’s an idea cannon and he’s already thinking of ways to help keep the alliance positioned as the most prominent network of nomadic content creators online today.”

Stacey Quimby, Director and organizer of the NomadFEST gathering scheduled for the fall of 2019, vlogs at and introduced Hippie & The Tech to the ENTV team. “Tony and Melissa get the vision. They get the importance of the nomadic life story and they full time RV themselves,” said Quimby. “They are an enormously talented couple and their leadership for the Co-Lab network is welcomed on all fronts.

The RV Nomads Co-Lab alliance rolled out with nearly 50 content creators as part of the group. They include:

There are now thousands of RV Nomads collaborating, sharing their story and connecting through the EpicNomad.Life social platform,” said Laura Hebard, vlogger at and Community Director for the My.EpicNomad.Life app. “The roll out of the Co-Lab network helps take it all to the next step and we can’t wait to reveal what’s coming next with the network!

Several members of the RV Nomads Co-Lab alliance will attend the ENTV Film School scheduled for April of 2019 and will take part in production of the RV Nomads movie sequel.

For more information visit


EpicNomad.Life Introduces Free Premium Stats For Network Bloggers

Now that our premium blog hosting platform is out in beta, it’s time to start talking about some of the killer features included with the free hosting service. One of the most powerful features included in the service is premium analytics via Clicky. Clicky web analytics are far superior to Google Analytics. The real time view, traffic breakdowns and visualization are significantly more user friendly.

Normally the premium version of Clicky will cost you about $79 a year. With EpicNomad.Life, however, there is no charge and these premium traffic analytics tools are included for approved network blogs.

Click here to learn more about Clicky and see all the features included with the tool.



How To Make Money Online With EpicNomad.Life

Those running their own blogs on the EpicNomad.Life platform will find ample opportunities to generate revenue online via our blog network. All network blogs/websites have a custom landing page, a custom category archive page and custom single post pages. These pages all have some EpicNomad.Life headers and footers, but a lot of the content areas can be customized for your own ability to use the platform to make money online.

First, it’s important to note there are limitations on what kind of ads you can run. Obviously we don’t want any gambling or adult related ads. We also don’t want anything spammy (no questionable downloads, software, etc). But the not so obvious types of ads excluded from the network have more to do with those networks and their user agreements/policies.

For example, you can’t run Google ads on your blog here because Google might ban the domain since there would be multiple user Adsense IDs running on the site at any given time. Google frowns upon this. As do other networks such as Media.Net, Taboola, etc.

What you can do, however, is the following:

  • Advertise your own products and services
  • Advertise your own affiliate links/programs (Clickbank, Amazon, etc)
  • Advertise your own social profiles, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Advertise your own email list to help build subscribers

Additionally, content creators seeing more than 10,000 pageviews in a month can apply to join our own custom built ad network. This would put the ad management in our hands, removing it from your plate and you would receive payment based on the revenue your content generates.


You can run ads on your landing page, within your post content, in your sidebar and on your content archive page.

Here are some examples:

Landing page: 320×300 banner ad

Blog Sidebar: 320Wx300H or 300Wx600H

You can also place banner or text ads directly into your post content. Like this one:

As mentioned above, you can advertise your products, services, email lists, social channels or affiliate marketing links.

You create the content, we’ll help send you readers, you make some money! Pretty sweet partnership, we think. 🙂