RV LIFE: 7 RVers Share Tips for Downsizing (VIDEO)

Moving from a sticks and bricks home to an RV can be overwhelming on the downsizing front. Where does it all begin and end!

I remember frantically trying to get rid of so much junk we had accumulated. It was crazy how much useless stuff we had piled up and most of it had to go before we could fully transition into the RV Nomad life. We went through multiple garage sales, tons of donations to a wonderful Veterans association in our local area and listings in an app called Offer Up.

What worked for us may not be for everyone. There are certainly a lot of things to consider when downsizing for RV Life. Kyle and Olivia Brady over at Drivin’ and Vibin’ shared a great video where they teamed up with 7 other RVers who gave their tips for downsizing.  Check it out: