Cheap Tricks and Tips For Organizing Your RV (VIDEO)

When it comes to living in a smaller space, organization is key.  If we did not have a spot for everything we owned our RV would be one big mess! I love when everything is neat and in order. It helps the RV feel like a home.

Something I personally love for organizing our closet is storage bins.  These really have come in handy to keep my workout t-shirts, hats, gloves, and scarves organized. Command hooks are also my best friend to organize! They work in every part of the RV and it helps us avoid putting holes in our walls. One of our rules to help us keep the junk out is for every new thing we bring in our RV, we take one thing out!

Our friends John and Laura over at Hebard’s Travels share their storage and organizing tips after 2 years of full-time RV living:

RV Remodel: RV Interior Painting Over Wallpaper (VIDEO)

We have been considering painting over our wallpaper in the RV because, quite frankly, the brown on top of brown is driving me crazy!  It’s still up in the air if we are going to paint or apply a lighter modern wallpaper instead.  I have been looking at how to paint in case we decide to go the paint route.

Painting over wallpaper is not the same as painting over drywall. It’s important to choose paint that will not peel off. Doing research first will come in handy if you decide to paint your RV wallpaper too.  I personally love the all white look but with little ones I debate this idea because they are not always very careful. I am still undecided but I feel confident in what pain to choose thanks to my friends Lisa and Julie.

Julie from Chickery’s Travels did a video sharing her RV painting experience below:

How To Fill Water In an RV While Boondocking (VIDEO)

Boondocking (Dry camping) is full of all sorts of lessons.  A big no-no when boondocking is long showers (unless you want to run out of water quickly). When we first started boondocking we could barely go 3 days without running out of water.

We quickly learned some tricks such as turning off the water pump so our 2-year-old at the time wouldn’t wash her hands for hours.  We also filled gallon water jugs and used those for flushing the toilets and washing the dishes.  It was quite a learning curve because dry camping is a whole other world.  We didn’t even know filling up our fresh water tank was an option while boondocking until this past summer.  The cast and crew from the RV Nomads movie definitely taught us a whole lot!

We at 1st Class RV Adventures did a quick live video the first time we ever filled our fresh water tanks while we were boondocking in the video below:

4 Must Haves For Digital Nomads (VIDEO)

More and more digital nomads are joining the full time movement every day.  With this being the case the amount of information being pumped out onto the web can be a little overwhelming.

Here at EpicNomad.Life we’ll soon begin rolling out a lot of streamlined content for digital nomads. Including a full course and show scheduled for 2019!

In the meantime, my friend Jessica over at Exploring The Local Life shares 4 must-haves for digital nomads in the video below:

Honey Wagon Pro Tips for RVing (VIDEO)

Our first time hearing about a honey wagon for an RV was in Peace River, FL.  We checked into a campground about 6 months into our RV living and they offered a free honey wagon service if we chose a site without a sewer.  I had no clue what a honey wagon was. Yes, I was that guest that asked and got the funny stare!

This was also the time we learned that we had to let them know that we had two black tanks. They only emptied the back tank and not the overflowing front black tank. We have not made this mistake again.

Since our boondocking crash course this past summer with the cast and crew of the RV Nomads Movie, we learned even more about honey wagons and blue boys. We have learned how interesting it is to be so up close and personal with your sewer!

Our friend Robert from Exploring The Local Life did a great video with tips on filling and emptying an external waste tank. This is a great watch if you want to feel better prepared for boondocking or RVing without a sewer connection.


RV LIFE: 7 RVers Share Tips for Downsizing (VIDEO)

Moving from a sticks and bricks home to an RV can be overwhelming on the downsizing front. Where does it all begin and end!

I remember frantically trying to get rid of so much junk we had accumulated. It was crazy how much useless stuff we had piled up and most of it had to go before we could fully transition into the RV Nomad life. We went through multiple garage sales, tons of donations to a wonderful Veterans association in our local area and listings in an app called Offer Up.

What worked for us may not be for everyone. There are certainly a lot of things to consider when downsizing for RV Life. Kyle and Olivia Brady over at Drivin’ and Vibin’ shared a great video where they teamed up with 7 other RVers who gave their tips for downsizing.  Check it out: