In 2015, life changed unexpectedly and unimaginably one night when a thousand year flood came roaring into our home and our business.

Life had already been precarious but this event sent us into a whirlwind of unrelated yet similarly devastating events that resulted in a change of lifestyle that… I want to say it was unexpected, but really it was what I had dreamed about and wanted. (Funny how life does that to you isn’t it)

I had been following people on social media that lived in rv’s and traveled full-time. Johnny and I talked about it and how amazing it would be. We’re both travelers at heart. But, I thought we needed to have a home-base too. I thought we needed to be able to afford a house to hold our belongings AND an rv to travel in. I thought we needed to have lots of money to pull it off. I had never considered it as something we could actually do anytime soon.

It was a someday dream.

When stuff starts to go really wrong sometimes that can help your mind open up to new possibilities.

After the flood, Johnny wanted to move to CA, and as much as I love CA and had always wanted to live there, I didn’t.
The idea and expense of moving all of our stuff across the country and getting set up there.
The idea of being tied to another lease in an area prone to natural disaster.
The idea of being even farther from family than we already were.
And the craziness of the political situation there….

Then one day, about 6 months after the flood, while we were trying to figure out our next steps, I was watching videos of full-time rvers and I thought, we could do this!

I called Johnny on my way home from work and told him I’d found a way for us to go to CA that I could be happy with.

“Let’s sell everything and get an rv.”

We spent the next 6 months downsizing and making our arrangements.

On October 5, 2016 we drove out of Charleston, SC going westbound in the eastbound lanes trying to get out ahead of a hurricane.

The beginning of this lifestyle was slightly chaotic for us, but now, 2 years later we are nicely settled into this beautiful, tiny life and we love it!